The following experiences are available at Coachucation™ with Suzie.

Cultivating Your Inner Leader & Forging Connection

Find & Follow Your Inner Leader”

What happens when you fully step into defining yourself as a leader? Clarity emerges. This clarity will help you in making choices, establishing boundaries, and strengthening your relationships.


  • Forge connections with people in your organization and have ongoing support as you cultivate your inner leader.
  • Participate in experiential-based activities designed to promote reflection and cohesion.
  • Strengthen relationships with yourself and others as you engage in three levels of listening.
  • Prioritize your own values so when you make choices, it is clear what you are saying yes to.
  • Envision your leadership stance and access it as a reminder as to how you define leadership.


  • Organizations that are growing leadership within
  • Organizations that are generating a network for leaders from various groups
  • Individuals that are seeking to become transformational leaders
  • Individuals that are seeking to integrate leadership development in existing positions

Transformational Exchanges: For Adolescence & Beyond

“Remembering what was. Choosing how you will be.”

Remember or imagine you at 4, 14, 24, 34, 44, 54, 64, and on and on and on. What wisdom did you know that you ignored? What wisdom do you wish would be revealed to you right now?

Envision yourself standing on the middle of a bridge. On one side is your past. On the other side is your future. When you view your history as opportunities for learning and view your untold story as abundant with choices, your present moments become calmer. Clearer. Focused. More easeful.

Whether you are 4 or 94, you deserve a tranquil life full of positive challenges, purpose, and possibility. Wherever and whenever you are right now, step into vulnerability and explore what is on the other side of your bridge.


  • Identify and distinguish between feelings, needs, values
  • Create action plans that acknowledge both reflection & visioning
  • Engage in active listening
  • Differentiate between connecting and over connecting
  • Take risks in a safe environment with championing and celebration
  • Understand what storytelling is, how it serves you, and how it gets in your way
  • Learn how to make requests (not demands and commands) of yourself and others
  • Tap into your body wisdom and appreciate how your body supports you
  • Reframe conflict and make easeful choices (easeful, not easy!)
  • Understand how judgement serves you but does not define or rule you
  • Participate in mindfulness and experiential-based activities designed to promote reflection and projection
  • Celebrate risk taking and champion others from a place of encouragement, not shame


  • Ages 12-99+

The EYE HUG Squad Movement

“Forging Connections. Raising Self Worth.”

At their core, humans seek connection. People of all ages deserve strategies to be seen, heard, and valued. EYE HUG has nothing to do with a physical hug but can have similar positive effects. EYE HUG is all about forging connections with oneself and with others in a safe and healthy manner. These connections can raise self worth and can impact others.


  • To establish and respect boundaries
  • To recognize and apply three levels of listening
  • To understand what consent (agreement) means, how to request it, how to obtain it, and how to recognize the absence of it
  • To foster connection between and among peers and adults


  • Ages 4 and older

All of these experiences can be modified to meet the needs of individuals, groups, and organizations. If you see something within an offered experience and think to yourself, “I want this but I don’t need this,” yes…we can make it happen!

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