Coachucation™ with Suzie…

Organizational Coaching
“Part of the mission of the National Writing Project Network is to cultivate in educators a sense of reflective practice, a competency that does not necessarily come naturally in education. However, Suzie’s facility with reflective practice is truly exemplary. Her unique ability to see an educational issue from all angles makes her a valuable team member and thinking partner. It is a rare educator who can, upon considering implications, turn around and troubleshoot, innovate, and inspire, and Suzie is that rare individual.”
~Nancy Coco
Prior Director, Corporate and Community Education
Penn State Lehigh Valley

International Coaching
“Suzie’s coaching was part of my self development as an individual and as a coach which is one of the prerequisites for the coaching certification I am undergoing from Leadership That Works. Her intuitive ability and perseverance as a coach made me realize my innate self. I was actually able to ‘SEE’ my true image for the first time with such clarity and authenticity that it enabled me to unplug my potential which was till then locked up within me. I am now in touch with my own intuition and constantly living in the present. It has been a huge shift in the way I perceive myself, situations and people.”
Amritha Upadhyaya
Mumbai, India
Facilitator and Creator of Leadership & Behavioural Interventions

Individual Coaching 
“Suzie’s coaching has helped me understand self-care.  I am now more in touch with what I need to do to feel safe, secure and successful.  I fill many roles: writer, teacher, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and more, so I often feel overwhelmed with caring for and about others. Suzie’s coaching forces me to stop and think about myself and reminds me that if I am not taking care of myself, I can’t take care of anything else.  Her question, ‘What if you were enough?’ changed my perspective on my life and my responsibilities.  Now, I focus on what I can offer people and situations, rather than wondering what I’m lacking.  Make no mistake: I do not live a life worthy of a feature in Real Simple or a segment on an Oprah special, but in small ways, I have made significant changes in taking it easier on myself and asking for what I need, not what I think others need from me. Suzie’s coaching reminds me that one small step can lead to significant shifts.”
~Heather Harlen

Adolescent Coaching
“What is your biggest takeaway from today?” 
Turning the negative into the positive is amazing.
To say positive comments about myself everyday.
I learned how to be more confident, be positive, don’t be negative
People can say messages to us, but it’s not always true what you might hear them say.
That no one is ugly.
I am amazing, important no matter what.
When you envision the future, it helps you want to make those visions reality.
Envisioning your future doesn’t have to be scary.
Future, past, present are all important. Your thinking is what shapes you.

Group Coaching 
Participants use three words or phrases to describe their feelings and thoughts both before and after the session. The following samples illustrate the powerful impact of coaching in a group setting.

Honest, Reliable, Trustworthy…Relaxed, Introspective, Thoughtful
“Suzie made me feel so relaxed and peaceful. I would absolutely spend time with her again. The experience was warm and welcoming.”
“Thank you for helping me focus. These sessions always bring me ‘back in.’ I feel refreshed.”

Anxious, Loved, Stuck…Hopeful, Renewed, Loved
“Again, realizing through conversations with strangers that life issues are universal. Hearing suggestions and appreciations for sharing is encouraging on dealing with my life.”

Stressed, Anxious, Flat…Calmer, Intrigued, Hungry (for more)
Tired, Calm, Uncomfortable…Calm, Inspired by you, Reluctant to Leave
“You bring out the better parts of me.”

Anxious, Uncertain, Divided…Hopeful, Energized, Engaged

Dissatisfied, Overwhelmed, Defeated…Inspired, New Outlook

Happy, Eager, Ready to go…Open, Thinking

Excited, Apprehensive, Tired…Inspired, Refresh, Focus
~Rene Kahl

Reflect & Rejuvenate Seminar Workshop for Educators
This workshop was designed to support educators in connecting with their Teaching Origins stories. They also explored practicing self-care as a prerequisite for being of service to others. Feedback courtesy of Heather Harlen’s inquiry project on Combatting Demoralization.

“I felt relieved. It was great to know I wasn’t the only one feeling burned out.”

“I felt a little more positive about life in general and I was happy to have made a connection with people. Connections make the work environment a better place and those connections have been severed too many times and in too many way for the past four years.”

“I need to re-examine how I divide my time and I need to let go of what I cannot control.”

“Take the time to listen!”

“Tackle small tasks, you’ll feel great!”

“The question Suzie asked, “Am I relevant?” still sticks with me.  It is something I am asking myself each day. I want to know that what I am doing in the classroom matters.”

Bridges to Transformation Seminar
This seminar focused on how understanding core emotions can lead to uncovering needs and values. Participants were asked to share what had impact.

“I loved both participating and watching the coaching process…it really is a sacred space.”
~Katrina Lindsay

“The honesty and openness of everyone. The realization that I am not the only one with the feelings and issues.”
~Karen S.

“Hearing others have the same issues/concerns/negative thoughts about themselves as I have about me.”
~Stephanie Baran

“Writing what made you feel alive and follow up discussion. The two sample one on one (coaching demonstrations) were insightful.”
~Chris Bogen